Cannadates will enable you to reach your goals directly with its high performance and dynamic services. PERFORMANCE WITH CANNADATES MAXIMIZE YOUR COMPANY'S CONTACT US BECOME A CANNDATE

#1 Staffing Specialists for the Cannabis Industry

Easily find the service you are looking for for your Cannabis Industry with Cannadates. Cannadates provides you with the best service support with thousands of talented members and employees. These services are divided into four. These are;

Talent Search

Cannadates find the best and most accurate talent for your company. Being smart is not enough! It is also important to be complementary, like a puzzle. At this point, Cannadates finds the best talent for you to complete your puzzle.


Need support for your Cannabis Industry? Then Cannadates is with you! Cannadates provide the necessary support for your company. We help you with your personnel needs.


 Need advice for your Cannabis company? Don't worry, Cannadates is with you! After making the necessary analyzes for your company, we decide on the right one for you.

Industry Network

If you need networks for your industry, Cannadates is here! It allows you to both create your own network and meet new networks. In this way, we enable you to take steps to create a quality network. Reach your goals quickly and easily with CANNADATES!

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