What Are the Benefits of Marijuana?

The benefits of cannabis are actually more than you might think. Although most people think it is a harmful product, science is actually proving and researching its benefits. When cannabis enters our bodies, it interacts with our cell receptors and molecules. In other words, it interacts with our endocannabinoid system.  This is the area where […]

Cannadates Strengthens Your Company’s Development!

Does your Cannabis company need advice? Then Cannadates is the best solution for you! Cannadates produces solutions to accelerate the development of your company, strengthen it and increase its efficiency. Our Cannadates experts analyzes to customer, competitor and company to make your company’s development process high performance. Measurements are made in line with the data […]

Cannadates Searching for New Stars!

Cannadates is looking for new self-confident, intelligent, talented and solution-oriented new stars. If you are confident and think you are talented, you can complete your development journey by joining us. Cannadates supports people who want a strong career planning and illuminates the path ahead. With Cannadates, you can improve yourself and reach your goals. If […]